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My name is Phillip. I'm a the associate director of account planning at an "internet" advertising agency called Razorfish in New York. I've worked for retail giants, pro-sports teams, electronics companies, on big american cars, and come up with quite a few inappropriate ideas for male hygiene products. My job entails explaining social concepts and trying to generally be "up" on stuff like trends, people's habits, media, the things that may interest my clients (especially when they have no idea how it would interest them). I live in the East Village and like attend loud concerts as well as quiet ones. Food and drink is also a big part of my off time pursuits.

This is some of the stuff I run into on a daily basis.

"the way to be interesting is to be interested" -R. Davies, Important ad guy

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Collapsing Cooling Towers (by ecotricity)

Watch the hell out of this. I guarantee you’ll like it. 

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